The ultimate annual subscription for experts who want more sales and less stress from their social media.

Get everything you need (& nothing you do not) to make volumes of consistently hot-looking, viral-worthy content that spreads your message and sells out your offers WITHOUT BURNING YOU OUT IN THE PROCESS & for less than $1 per day.

And because we really give a FAQ


So how does the Club work?

Super easy! Choose your membership plan (quarterly or annual). We recommend annual because it's the best value + you get the back catalogue of all previous collections. Join the membership by clicking one of the YELLOW buttons on this page. Then on the thank you page, access the Viral Content Club™.

  1. Open your membership area (we use Kajabi). Make yourself a cup of coffee.
  2. Log into the Viral Content Club™ membership area.
  3. Download the latest collection. Marvel at its beauty.
  4. Consult the no-nonsense content plan.
  5. Pick a template that fits the plan and your mood.
  6. Plug the template into Canva (FREE account is all you need) and start editing with your brand fonts, colors, and message.
  7. Try to only make one piece of content. End up getting carried away and getting 10 done while the coffee’s still too hot to drink.
  8. Post to all your social media channels. Pat yourself on the back. Take a wink selfie.
  9. Enjoy the hell out of that coffee, and that engagement, and the sales, and all the time and energy you’ve just saved.

How is this different from the Viral Content Templates™? I got the original 100 and loving them. Is this basically an expansion pack?

Hey friend! It’s actually the other way around. The original 100 (which we have since reinvented as the 2.0 Variety Pack btw) are a great expansion kit for the club. Using the club’s Viral Content Plan and Viral Content Manual features, you’ll finally be able to use what you already have strategically, maximizing the potential of the templates you’ve grown to know and love. The club will show you exactly how it all fits together into a comprehensive social media content plan that covers all stages of the potential customer being pulled into your vortex. You’ll learn to balance out content types and use ANY of the templates for ANY business — all while making your content creation sessions even faster and more productive with done-for-you captions and CTA’s. Also, there are the 20 fresh, exciting designs every single month, and bonuses, and the community feel you know by now we’re famous for in the dedicated Facebook group.

I am already overwhelmed with the ORIGINAL 100, I can’t handle more templates!

The overwhelm was actually the entire reason the club was born in the first place. We know it’s not enough to just have pretty templates on hand. It’s important to know what to do with them, how to apply them to your industry, how to use them over and over in 10 different ways. It’s also vital to know how they fit into a grounded, tested, effective content strategy. The club is there so that you never have to wing it again. The club is there so that you never have to rack your brain again. There’s a plan for you to follow. There’s a very specific way each template slots into the plan. There’s a detailed manual walking you through how to turn each template into a winning piece of content almost on autopilot. It’s so easy a baby could follow it stress-free, and that baby would likely build a following, too! You’re cooler than a baby. You’re a whole ass expert. Let it show.

Will the templates and prompts work for my NICHE / business?

As long as your ideal clients are on social media, then yes.

Worried about how pink we like things?  Your templates will be fully adjustable to mahogany, sand, aquamarine, or Wedgwood blue. All you need is a FREE Canva account to fully customize them. 

Worried if they’re gonna fit your aesthetics? Again, they’re customizable, AND they come in two versions to really let you dial it in perfectly — the pretty in pink and the bold blue. 

Worried your niche may not be covered? The prompts and CTA’s in the manual come pre-loaded for the General Business & Marketing/Entrepreneurship, Health & Wellness, and Personal Growth & Relationships niches for inspiration. These should about cover it, but even if it does, the examples will inspire so many ideas that even members in obscure niches see their application. You can always get inspiration from the Facebook community too.

Noticing our clients are other entrepreneurs and worried we don’t know what to do with B2C?  We’ve never made things business coach specific, so you get to build your brand and make your sales regardless of who you’re talking to. Whether you sell Swarovski crystal pianos, or vegan dreadlock extensions, or accounting services, the club will make you look better and have a much more easily profitable time doing it — we have clients with all sorts of businesses to prove it. 

Worried they’re not for a Lithuanian zombie electrician? We’ve had this conversation already. As long as you pledge not to have us for dinner, we’re incredibly inclusive.

Can’t I buy a bunch of pretty templates from Etsy or Fiverr?

You totally can buy a bunch of pretty layouts from both those places. Are they really gonna be templates? Unclear. “Small column, big column, cool circle thing” may look nice and all, but will you be any more likely to know what to do with it all when it comes time to produce your content? The difference between something like that, good-looking as it might be, and an actual template with an example of it being used, is that the template takes the guesswork out of it for you. 10 pretty layouts = a minimum of 5 hours racking your brains over which bits of your expertise might be ok to crunch into the visual structure. 10 good templates, the way we do them, plus the manual to walk you through using them well and in multiple ways? That should pretty much equal unlimited posts flying out of your glorious brain at previously unseen speeds. Plus, the ones we make are made with virality in mind, designed every single month specifically to stand out in the crowd the most.

But I have a designer on payroll already!

So do we! It IS a fantastic investment. In fact, we like ours so much, we have several! The only thing is, in terms of content that performs strategically and not just visually, you need to start with the solid understanding of marketing, THEN add the sexy looks, not the other way around. Unless your designer is a unicorn (or has purchased our agency license already), they’re probably a sexy-looks-first kind of magician. Our templates? Built to work within a proven framework, then made to look stunningly hot with the branding and design work we’ve invested close to $10K into, then boosted into the stratosphere with the captions, prompts, and calls to action. Resist the temptation to reinvent the wheel badly. Let us give you what works already, and let your designer get busy on those worksheets, and infographics, and book covers, you rockstar, you!

Why not just pay a VA?

Should you delegate? Hell yes! As soon as you’re able to. Should you pay those you delegate to? Of course. Our question is, why have them start from scratch every time you need to post a quote on Instagram? With our templates, viral content manuals, and content plan, your VA gets to accomplish a lot more a lot faster. With our 5C VIRAL CONTENT SYSTEM, they also get to create content that simply works better — all without needing any additional training, since our kits take care of that automatically. More fun and rewarding for them, more reliable, efficient, and cost-effective for you. And if they get to make 20 pieces of content in an hour instead of just 2, we’re pretty sure your audience will ultimately get a ton more value, too!

Do I have to learn that 5C system thing to have good results with your content?

You’ll assimilate it by implementing it within the Club, week in and week out. WITHOUT WATCHING A SINGLE TRAINING VIDEO. Each of the monthly template designs we provide is perfectly crafted to fit one of the 5 C’s. Between that and the specific weekly content plan in place, you’ll quickly get the hang of cycling and sequencing the C’s, as well as just what a perfect execution of each entails. Dump the training wheels. We’re learning on the job here.

What if the template design isn’t quite my style?

All elements of a template are customizable — fonts, colors, elements, all of it. The templates themselves are editable — if your personal sensibilities dictate that there be fewer lines of text, or that the photo takes up exactly 62.5% of the available space, you always get to adjust to your liking. Still beats building it from scratch. Whether you like it light and bright, or powerfully minimalist, we’ve got you covered between the two aesthetics every template comes in. Every month, you receive ten new designs, times two aesthetics, for a total of 20 templates. Hate two of ‘em with a passion? Use the other eighteen. Also maybe consider meditation, cause no two templates in the entire world, ours or otherwise, are possibly worth the stress.

Will these work on Pinterest? Linkedin? twitter?

Pinterest, and Twitter, and Instagram, and Facebook, and wherever else people come to consume content with their eyes.
People are people. The context may differ between all the different platforms and you may need to tweak the sizing a little but, but human psychology tends to work similarly across the board and is covered by our 5C Viral Content System™.

Can I resell the templates? Can I use them for the clients I run social media for?

Not if you purchase the individual license, no.But we do have Agency and Re-seller options you can check out at To help you with deciding whether you need to look into those, here’s a quick rundown on what you will and will not be able to legally do with the templates if you purchase as an individual user.

- Use the templates and manuals for your business / brand only
- Use the templates and manuals to create content and promote your brand on your social media, webinars, courses, trainings, website etc
- Modify fonts, colors, copy, so the templates fit your own style
- Use the templates for multiple businesses/blogs for which you are the sole owner of

- Sell, loan, or give away the content plan, templates, or manuals, or allow a third party to use them in any way
- Share the materials with third parties - whether a client or a friend without previous written consent obtained directly from Viral Marketing Stars®
- Use the templates for client work or social media management (even if the templates are not directly transferred to the client)
- Include the templates in website templates, design templates, quote templates or any other editable product for sale or free distribution; create derivative products from the templates such as your own templates, swipes printable, mugs, print, or any such products for sale or give away for free
- Use the images to promote or sell other content and design templates, design products, services, resources, courses, whether free or paid
- Claim the templates, designs, copy or any of the elements as your own

That about covers it.

If you wanna do more, here are your links for further info:

Can my team have access to the templates to help me out?

Sure they can. We’re all for making your life easier. Only caveat is, for efficiency and legal reasons, we’re only able to provide you with one login for each individual license you purchase. If you’re happy to let your marketing team, assistant or business partner use your logins to access & FB account the content in Kajabi and the Facebook community, they’re welcome to. If that is inconvenient for whatever reason, there is also the option to purchase an extra seat add-on for just 50% of the rate you're paying already, in which case they get their own Kajabi login and can come party with us in the Facebook group using their own FB account. That’s $150/year (annual option only). Shoot us a message once you’re in and we’ll be happy to set you up.

Do you even use your own templates?

All the time. With tremendous success. Every template we’ve provided to our clients, we’ve tested on our own audiences across products and platforms. If it doesn’t work, it’s not going in. Most of them do go in. It’s almost like we know what we’re doing or something.

Check out @theofficialkatya and @viralmarketingstars and you’ll see us using our own templates. Check out #viralmarketingstars to see our customers using the templates.

Back to the aesthetics thing though... What do the templates even look like?

Okay, okay.
We get it.
Pictures speak louder than words. (see from page 31)

Are you guys worth supporting?

Fair question in this day and age. We can’t tell you the answer, you’ll need to figure that out for yourself. We can only tell you what we stand for.

We believe in the good of all over the incremental changes in the comfort levels of one.
We believe in relationships over numbers.
We believe in freedom and pleasure over status symbols.
We believe in always learning, always growing, and ALWAYS testing.
We believe in you, whoever and wherever you are, because there is not a single person in the world that doesn’t have the opportunities, doesn’t have the potential, or is somehow “not good enough” to succeed, and accomplish, and change the world if they want to.

If you think that makes us okay people, join us and let’s be friends.
If you think that makes us no good at all, you can still join and use the tested and effective tools while secretly not liking us very much.
We really do believe in you either way.

HOW DO I EDIT THE TEMPLATES? Do I need to use Canva?

The templates are simple to use. All you need is a FREE Canva account to edit these (super easy to use and they have lots of beginners tutorials if you're new to it). We have customers who are complete techno-phones who have been able to use it and make content every single day using our templates! Plus, we have the community there to support you should you get stuck.

What's your refund & cancellation policy? 

ANNUAL MEMBERS: Your annual membership subscription starts today. You will be automatically charged $299.99 USD (inclusive of VAT) yearly until you cancel your subscription. Because you're receiving access to downloadable products, previous charges won’t be refunded when you cancel.

QUARTERLY MEMBERS: Your quarterly membership subscription starts today. You will be automatically charged $90 USD (inclusive of VAT) every 3 months until you cancel your subscriptions. Because you're receiving access to downloadable products, previous charges won’t be refunded when you cancel.

Refunds & Cancellations: Due to the downloadable nature of the Viral Content Club™, we cannot offer refunds on your purchase. All sales are final. However, if you have any problems or feedback, email us at
Note that while due to regulations, EU buyers have the right to return an item within 14 days of receiving the item, this does not apply to digital content, especially when it's been accessed. For this reason, our Viral Content Club™ is not eligible for return.

In the event that you cancel your membership (or your subscription payment fails), you will automatically lose access to ALL membership content, including previous collections (whether downloaded or not). We recommend you download the collections every month as they drop in your membership area.

What if I can't afford this?

Then don't buy! We're not in the business of taking entrepreneurs' last dollars. We're in the business of amplifying entrepreneurs' social media. If spending $100 would really hurt your business, this isn't for you.