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Disclaimer: The Viral Content Club® has been evolving for the past 3 years and will continue to do so in 2024. Some testimonials may speak about features that have changed. Refer to the pricing table and full sales page for the complete details of the membership offer.

Christine Hardenberger

(Travel Agency Owner)

As an entrepreneur who manages 24 agents, finding times to create great social media content used to be impossible. And now I create 30 days of content in 1 hour / month.

Jamie Monk

(Accountability Coaching)

We've gone from 0 to 400+ followers in a few weeks. The designs are high quality and the Club community is inspiring!

Annie Kaszina
(Relationship Abuse Recovery)

I've grown my audience from 20k to 80k+ in 18 months and I recommend the Club to anyone who wants to grow their list, reputation, engagement and income.

Daria Rosen

(Beauty and Wellness)

I love that the Viral Content Club®  templates can fit any niche, aren't salesy and they allow me to reach my ideal people.

Ashley Burciaga
(Wellness & Mental Health)

With only 2 hours a month, I've been able to skyrocket my lead generation because my content is compelling / visually appealing and people are eagerly and freely sharing it. 

Laurence Sevagamy
(Real Estate & Home Spaces) 

The Club gives me everything I need to attract my ideal clients through Facebook. I am having so much fun playing with it!

Sarah J Lewis
(Reiki Healing & Meditation)

The Club has helped me grow my business. My social media has grown by 12% and people always compliment me on my feed. 

Sarah Potter

My social media reach has 5x-ed and my engagement is up to 14%! I've been getting leads, clients and industry opportunities such as podcasts and guest appearances. 

Simone Vincenzi
(Publicity and Visibility)

I no longer touch content creation at all. My intern takes the Club templates and puts out high quality content on my feed!

Abi Lemon
(Life Coaching)

I’ve gotten more engagement and inquiries about working with me while saving so much time and hassle on content creation.

Andrea Caprio
(Emotional Eating & Health)

I successfully delegated my entire social media content creation and management to my VA team and they love using the Club! 

Andrea Cristancho
(Business Coaching for Expats)

My social media now has a real strategy behind it, time and effort isn’t an issue and it all looks so stylish. The Club is a no brainer! 

Louise Beattie 
(Fix This Next Advisor)

The Club is for any creative or small business owner who wants to grow their business via social media, but struggles to find the time to consistently create the kind of quality and the type of content that is needed to stand out and attract clients.

Monica Douglas
(The Wild Wisdom Mentor)

The Club has given me the confidence to start again! I've been gaining new followers and leads and already got ROI!

Nicky from Pink Giraffe
(Sewing Business Mentorship)

Creating content has never been so easy. I no longer have to sit for half a day trying to come up with new designs and ideas. My engagement is up with half the efforts. 

Nicole Callahan
(Blogger, Organizing For Moms)

I now get over 60 leads per month in my business! I also love that The Club listens to us and creates whatever we want.

Sandra Donati
(Peak Performance for Teams)

What makes the Club different is the 5 Cs from the Viral Content System® which I love and use it to promote all my workshops!

Sara Campbell
(Music Studio Owner Biz Coach)

Unlike other template packs, the Club comes with a PDF manual telling me exactly how to adapt every single template for my brand.

Susan Miller
(EFT Therapy & Fertility)

I save so much time! I love how unique the designs are! I love the community of people sharing their content! I love the Club!!!

Vicky Stanton 
(Business Success Coaching)

I recommend the Club for anyone who is short on time for posting and creating graphics. It has helped me out so much. 


7 days of only sharing the templates and none of our usual content. The results speak for themselves (91.5%+ more content interactions in the last 7 days). We’ll continue with The Viral Content Club®!

Gemma Went

Business Mentor


The Viral Content Club® templates make it even easier to have a cohesive look all in one spot without searching for just the right template on Canva.

Definitely get it!

Brooke Heki 

Social Media Education


Before using The Viral Content Club® templates I really struggled with creating from a blank screen. Never Again! I don’t need a social media manager because I’ve got the Club in my pocket! 

Rafat Fields

Online Business Strategist


Because of Katya and the Viral Marketing Stars®️, I built an account from 0 to almost 4000 followers on Instagram in just a few short months, launched a new brand, brought new customers and impacted thousands of women. My message is not only been seen but also shared!

Harriet Waley-Cohen

Health and Wellness


I don’t know how else to say it but The Viral Content Club® just works.

Engagement, shares, and saves are higher. And more inbound leads

Eddie Zhang

Business Coach for Health & Fitness Professionals


I absolutely love the templates from The Viral Content Club®. Before, I always struggled with what to post on Instagram. The templates make it so easy to be consistent.

Clarissa Wilson



I LOVE everything about The Viral Content Club®. Super easy to change the templates to match my brand and the prompts are really useful. It’s honestly one of the best investments I have made in my business.

Lisa Pierce

Tech Strategist


The Viral Content Club® is like a design agency for my business in my back pocket for a fraction of the price. Each month a collection drops in my inbox, I feel like a kid at Christmas!

It only takes me or my VA minutes to customize them. They make my business look & feel like a BIG deal!”

Christine Luken

Personal Finance Coach


I LOVE The Viral Content Club® templates. It takes the guess-work out of trying to figure out what to write and because they’re so easy to edit in Canva, it’s easy to make them feel super branded without paying for an expensive graphic designer. Best business ROI of the year!

Rachel Luna

Author, Influencer, Speaker


The templates are eye-catching, easy to customize to my own branding and colors, and infinitely reusable. My post engagements have grown exponentially since I started using your templates

Grayson Stalvey

Personal Finance Coach


11 weeks of content created and posted in a few hours… never ever have I done this before!!Well worth the money. The annual plan is worth its weight in gold. Just sign up. Don’t hesitate.

Sarah-Jane Lewis

Health and Wellness


This is the best investment I have made in a long time. I've been mostly dabbling online but now I am ready to fully engage in the launch of my branding and services. Thanks, Katya, for putting the The Viral Content Club®  templates together in such an easy-to-use membership.

Ingrid Pyka

Business Consultant


I just started using The Viral Content Club® membership yesterday. I made two different posts and made three sales of a total $175. Since I work full time and run my business part-time, this is a HUGE win for me. Thank you!!"

Maria Leggett

Medium and Spiritual Teacher


Oh I am loving using the beautifully designed collections from The Viral Content Club® to announce my workshops.. so much better than my old boring ones. Love Love Love this membership!”

Jodi - Santangelo

Trainer/Author/Success Coach


Thanks to The Viral Content Club®, I spend 2 days being guided and inspired on how to say the things my people need to hear and then spend the other 28 watching my feed fill up with more relevant content than I could have ever produced!”

Drasko Raicevic

Mindset Business Coach


Wow. I just started using  The Viral Content Club® this week. Creating social media content has been the task I’ve avoided the MOST for so many years, and all of a sudden it’s the only thing I want to do. Super impressed. Extremely grateful.

Alana Lackey Fournet

Health and Wellness


L.O.V.E love The Viral Content Club® templates - I don’t need to worry about thinking of ideas. I don’t need to get frustrated trying to get things lined up! In half the time, I’ve got a month of content ready to go

Tessa Marie Hull

Success Coach


My last post got a big reach (for me) and 82% were not following me. I am so motivated to stick with my Instagram strategy and grow my account! 

Emma O’Connell

Website Design


I went from 0 to 10k followers in 6 months on Instagram with The Viral Content Club®. I had one post go so viral with over 30,000 likes which ended up growing my account to 10k followers overnight! 

Jessi Romero

ADHD Mentor 


Can honestly say The Viral Content Club® is one of the BEST investments I have made for my BIZ! I have been a member just over a week and have found The Viral Content Club® templates have helped me massively think of content! Posted more content this week than I have for ages AND finally brave enough to use Instagram!”

Jo Rees

Dyslexia Expert



Join The Viral Content Club® membership for only $1.37 a day. Choose the license that suits your needs:


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Strategic rinse-and-repeat 30-Day Content Plan following the Viral Content System® (5Cs) ($300 value).

A library of ~3000+ marketing templates, organized into easy to use collections & fully customizable with Canva for any niche with your brand style + copy & expertly formulated to boost your engagement on all of your social media platforms (templates in various sizes including 1:1 square and 4:5 portrait) ($10k value)

Includes 360+ Stories / Short Video Templates (9:16 size) you can customize & use for IG Stories & Reels, FB Stories & Reels, YouTube Shorts & TikTok - customize and tweak in minutes with Canva

Includes 28x Beautiful 30-Day-Plug-&-Play Strategic Content Manuals to help you plan your social media & use our templates with captions, call to actions, repurposing ideas and niche-specific examples for B2B, Health & Wellness, Personal Development & E-commerce

Includes 360+ Stories / Short Video Templates (9:16 size) you can customize & use for IG Stories & Reels, FB Stories & Reels, YouTube Shorts & TikTok - customize and tweak in minutes with Canva ($1000 value)

Exclusive Facebook Community: an exclusive community for inspiration and collaboration ($500 value)

Exclusive community events, group coaching & workshops ($500 value)

BONUS: Hashtag Sets For Instagram: Done-For-You Hashtags For 14+ Different Niches Including Entrepreneurship, Fitness, Wellness, Self-care, Beauty And More.

BONUS: Airtable Content Ideas Workflow: Over 200+ Content Ideas, Organized And Ready To Turn Into Hot Social Media Posts. 

BONUS: Create & Sell Your Own 2024 Planner - The Ultimate Collection Of Canva Templates To Create A Branded Planner You Can Sell For 2024!

BONUS: Digital Product Mockup Templates To Visually Demonstrate The Value Of Your Digital Products & Make More Sales On Social Media.

BONUS: PDF Templates To Create Beautiful Lead Magnets And Workbooks For Your Audience.

BONUS: Facebook Group Templates - Boost The Engagement In Your Group & Cultivate a Community.

BONUS: Podcast Templates To Help You Promote & Drive More Traffic To Your Podcast, Guest Appearances & Audio Courses.

BONUS: PDF Templates To Help You Create Lead Magnets, Workbooks, Challenges, Planners & Journals.

BONUS: Social Video Templates To Share Video Teasers And YouTube Snippets On Social Media.

BONUS: Stand-out Social Media Banners & Covers For YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn And Twitter Profiles.

BONUS: Reel Cover Templates: Uplevel Your Instagram Feed With This Collection Of Reel Covers templates.

BONUS: Clubhouse And Facebook Audio Room Event Promo Templates & Profile Templates Pack.

BONUS: The 2022 Version Of Our Planner Templates To Create & Sell Branded Planners & Journal For Your Audience.

BONUS: Instagram Carousels Templates To Increase Attention And Dominate The IG Algorithm.

BONUS: Templates To Create a Mini "Sales Page "And Promote Your Offers Using IG Stories And Highlights.

BONUS: Black Friday Promo Pack: A Step-By-Step Content Plan And All The Templates To Nail Your Socials And Have The Most Profitable Black Friday Week.

BONUS: Google Slides & Canva Slide Templates To Help You Create High-Converting Presentations, Workshops Or Webinars.

BONUS: Facebook Ad Templates To Promote Your Business And Offers Effortlessly.

BONUS: Lead Magnet & Ebook Promo Templates To Promote Your Lead Magnets, Ebooks, Products, Services & Business.

BONUS: Media + Speaking Kit - Templates Designed To Help You Create a One Page Media & Speaking Kit.

BONUS: Workflow To Help You Organize, Manage And Repurpose All Of Your Social Media Content.

BONUS: Zoom Background Templates Collection To Help You Stand Out And Market Your Brand During Online Meetings. 

BONUS: YouTube & Video Thumbnails Templates, So You Can Bring More Traffic And Gain The Attention On Your Videos.

BONUS: 10 Days Launch Kit: Plug-And-Play Templates To Create a Launch Campaign For Social Media And Have Your Best Month Ever. 

BONUS: 0-30k TikTok Case Study Guide, For How Katya Grew a TikTok Following From 0 - 30k An a Month.

BONUS: Author Marketing Canva Templates To Help You Nail Your First Or Next Book Promo So You Can Sell More Books.

BONUS: Instagram Reels 101 Strategy Guide By Katya To Help You Boost Your Business And Expand Your Reach With The Power Of Short Video Content.

BONUS: Link In Bio Templates To Create Your Own Link Tree Page For Your Social Media Bio (Works With Thrive Themes, Kajabi & Canva).

BONUS: Blog & Newsletter Templates To Help You Create Your Own Website Blogs & Articles (Delivered In

BONUS: Instagram Highlight Templates To Create On Brand Highlight Covers For Your Instagram Profile.

BONUS: Social Media Insights Spreadsheet To Track And Analyze All Of Your Social Media Stats In One Place (Delivered In Google Sheets).

BONUS: AI ChatGPT Prompts To Help You Leverage The Latest AI Craze For Marketing Your Business.

BONUS: Twitter Tweet Templates To Help You Create a Twitter Feed Style Posts On Your Social Media.

BONUS: Pinterest Templates To Help You Grow Your Pinterest And Get More Traffic To Your Website.


$499.99 / Year

And for the skeptics out there, these aren't random value numbers. We actually invested over $50k on the branding and design of these templates + hundreds of hours on the copy so you don't have to.

Compare how much you would have to spend if you had to hire a part time social media manager, a graphic designer and a copywriter combined? $2k a month? $5k a month?

And what about time and energy? If you spend 1 hour per week thinking about what to post, you're already wasting 52 hours PER YEAR.

So how much time & money could joining the Viral Content Club®  save you?

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